Albany and Lebanon Railroad 1880 to
Created 12/21/08
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The old station in Lebanon, now refurbished, as you can see some changers were made to
it in the refurbishing. A siding used to run in front of the station and a loading dock wrapped
around on the south side. In the 1980's diesels with their caboose used to sit on this siding.
Looking north at the Lebanon yards. You can see the mainline to the right, looking down the west siding
in the center, and the east siding and station at the extreme right. (1/5/08)
Here you can see the current end of the western siding. The large area to the left of the tracks on the
other side of the street used to be home to a seed warehouse, which was torn down. When
Weyerhaeuser was rebuilding the tracks in their Bawman Mill, they used this area as a reload. (1/5/08)
Another view of the current end of the western siding at Sherman Street. (1/5/08)
Looking at the old Purina seedhouse and store along the western siding. (1/5/08)
Here you can see the rails still embedded in Grant Street. This is looking south along the western siding.
The siding ended just a little bit after the street. (1/5/08)
This railroad was incorporated in February of 1880 by Henry Villard to access the South Santiam Valley and deny it
to the Oregonian Railway which was building south through area at the time. The line was completed on October 1st
of the same year. Instead of building through Lebanon, the Oregonian Railway opted to instead bypass the area
crossing the A&L at Tallman and continuing to Brownsville and into Springfield. Following his death in 1884, Villard's
railroad empire, including the A&L were liquidated by his successors. The line was eventually picked up by Alvadore
Welch and absorbed into his Portland Eugene and Eastern Railway. This lasted until 1915 when the Southern
Pacific officially took over all of the PE&E. In 1907 the Oregonian Railroad lost their bridge across the South Fork of
the Santiam RIver to flooding. Instead of rebuilding the crossing, the Oregonian opted to instead to build a new
route through Griggs, Brewster, and into Lebanon where they used the branchline's trackage to Tallman. In 1930,
the Oregon Electric began construction of a line to Sweet Home from Lebanon, reaching a joint trackage agreement
with the Southern Pacific.
A White City Terminal Railway and SP boxcar sit along the siding that used to run from Rose Street to
Tangent Street.
A group of Longview, Portland & Northern boxcars sit on the same siding.
An Oregon, California & Eastern boxcar with a Columbia & Cowlitz behind it on the same siding.
Here is ex SP GP9E #3859, at the time providing power to the Albany and Eastern. This locomotive is
sitting on the mainline. The siding pictured in the three previous pictures was where the flat area in front
of the locomotive is. (2/22/08)
Here you can see ex SP #3859 along side with center beam cars being reloaded with lumber from the
Bauman Mill.