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Baker County
Baker White Pine Lumber Company
Sumpter Valley Railway
August Mine
Bonanza Mine
Ghost Towns:
My friend Ryan in front of an unknown cabin that exists on the south side of USFS 533 RD, just south of
the junction with the USFS 150 RD. (5/28/06)
These two cabins belong to an unknown mine along Geiser Creek, on the north side of the USFS 180
road. This site is a little northwest of the old townsite of Geiser. (5/28/07)
Here is a better look at the remains of the more northern cabin mentioned above. (5/28/07)
Here a better look at the remains of the more southern cabin mentioned above. (5/28/07)
This cabin appears near the beginning of the road to Geiser. It appeared that it still may be used by the
"Keep Out" signs, so we didn't do much exploring of the area. (5/28/07)
Diamond Jack Mine