Created 1/9/11
Southeast Portland L. Co. 1934 - 1938
Bear Creek Lgg. Co. 1923 - 1934
Looking back at the grade. The orange flagging marks the western end of the fourth trestle east of the
crossing of Wildcat Mountain Drive near Brian Ranch Road. You can see the grade continuing through
the throughcut in the reprod. Unfortunately, there is nothing left of this trestle, not even rotting timbers on
the ground. This is looking west.(12/31/08)
My friend Roman holding a nice forked horn buck antler that we found lying in the middle of the
This barrel was found lying at the bottom of the third trestle crossing.(12/31/08)
Below are the images of the trestle remains of the third trestle past the crossing of Wildcat Mountain Road near Brian
Ranch Drive. After crossing Wildcat Mountain Drive, the grade crossed a creek on a  trestle and passes through 3
private residences, and then into Longview Fibre timberlands. It stays just south of Wildcat Mountain Drive, crossing
three draws with trestles of which only one showed any remains, before becoming Wildcat Mountain Drive again. Note
the metal left in the timbers, and the piling stub still sticking out of the ground.(12/31/08)
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Looking east at the grade and eastern end of the third trestle.
Looking at the fallen remains of some of the old trestle timbers as mentioned above.