Bloedel Donovan Lumber Mills: Calawah Drainage
Created 11/11/08
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Calawah River Drainage:
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Calawah Camp:
Calawah Camp was the main camp for Bloedel Donovan in the upper Calawah River area. The camp was reached by
the mainlline passing through Shutz Pass from the Sol Duc Valley. The camp itself is situated on the SW side of a
horseshoe in the North Fork of the Calawah River in Section 22 of T29N R12W, and had two  mainlines taking off from
camp, one to the east and one continuing on to the southwest. The camp site was logged again in 2004/2005, and
currently being used as a rock pit by Rayonier.
What you're looking at here are tie striations where the grease from the first switch into camp was cooked
with the rock to make an asphalt like composite. (6/30/06)
These 3 photos show three different pieces of a bed frame at the camp. They
were scattered around so I assume that they were from 3 different beds.
I have no idea what this large hunk of metal could have once been a part, but it was laying
just a little ways away from the beam shown below. (6/30/06)
This interesting rail plate was found among the scotchbroom. (6/30/06)
This beam was a leftover from one of the buildings that used to stand here. However, which one that is
is difficult to tell since Bloedel Donovan used camp cars that were mounted on trucks. (6/30/06)
Mainline East:
This mainline was what is currently the 060 Road off of the FS-2923 Road. It left Calawah Camp and headed for Bigler
Mountain with several branchlines splitting off around Bigler Mountain itself.
The mighty North Fork of the Calawah River during the summer. Don't let the picture fool you. During the
winter this river does have a good deal of water flowing down it. This picture was taken from the FS-060
RD shortly after the Calawah begins to run beside it.
Here is another example of the North Fork of the Calawah River in the summer. This was taken from the
FS-060 bridge that crosses of the Calawah River.
This rail lays beneath the bridge that was the second crossing coming from Calawah Camp, and the
crossing of the Calawah River by the FS-060 RD.
This is a temporary bypass that was being built in 2005 across the first creek after crossing the Calawah
River on the FS-060 RD.
I don't know exactly what this is, but it looks like part of a brake shoe or of a brake shoe
holder, and was found on the grade before it became the FS-015 RD. (1/20/08)
This truck spring was found right next to the above object which makes me think that something
happened here like a derailment. (1/20/08)
This rail joiner and spike were found in the grade between the above objects and the
FS-015 RD. (1/20/08)
This doe kept close tabs on me while I was following some of the grades that ran between the FS-2923
and the FS-2922 RDs. (8/23/07)
Mainline South:
A few years after Bloedel Donovan was done, Rayonier rebuilt part of this grade to create a reload and access Forest
Service timber which was being logged in steeper country in the 1950's.
This picture, taken from the mainline, shows a skid road that was laid in the first time that this area was
logged. (6/30/08)
As you can see from the stump that has grown around it, this rail joiner has been here awhile. (6/30/06)