Blue Jay Mine
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Created 5/7/06
This mine is part of the Greenhorn Mining District in Baker County. It lies directly on the boundary of the town site of
Robinsonville, beside Forest Service Road 940. There are five vertical shafts, one adit, and several pits belonging to
this mine. The adit was blown shut, and all but one of the vertical shafts were filled with water. Other than this, I do not
know anything else about this mine.
This is the only vertical shaft of this mining complex that is not filled with water, I assume since I did not
peek underneath the sheet metal. The support structure appears to still be in place to bring up the
quartz. (5/29/05)
I would assume that this is an exploratory trench since it runs besides the vertical shaft shown above.
Here is another of the vertical shafts. This one seemed to be the largest of them since it had the largest
tailings pile. Note the milled wooden debris floating in the flooded shaft. (5/29/05)
Here is the tailings pile from the above shown vertical shaft. (5/29/05)