Bradley-Woodard Lumber Company 1931-1940
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My friend Joe Snyder by the abandoned shay tank in the snow. This is sometimes what happens when
you plan a trip way in advance.(12/31/10)
The tossed aside air tank rests in the snow.(12/31/10)
Mainline To Switchback:
Western Mainline:
Eastern Mainline:
Looking west through the foxglove covered throughcut past the switchback.(7/6/07)
The western mainline was the tail track for the switchback for the eastern mainline. At the confluence of the of the
switchback was a water tower beside a creek so that a locomotive on any line could access it easily. It continued to the
west for about a mile and a half before rounding a ridge nose and heading to the south east for about another mile and
a half. It ended shortly thereafter just north of Nicolai Mountain.
If you look carefully at the brush pile, you'll notice the rings for the tank from a
water tower at the switchback. Sadly, the remains were grabbed up when the
slash was piled for this unit.(7/6/07)
I do not know what this rod was for. It was located at the beginning of the first throughcut past the
switchback and well past the hayrack boom.(7/6/07)
This spike was showing in the mud directly across from the water tower.(7/6/07)
Here you can see the pipe that fed the water tower lying in the creek along with some sheet metal.(7/6/07)
Piece of pipe following the grade west from the water tower creek to the hayrack boom. It would appear
that this pipe is what fed the donkeys on loading duty.(7/6/07)
Below are picks of an old hayrack boom that was left behind when the logging was done. The boom is beside the
grade, partly on the cut bank, in a wide spot where the donkeys probably were. The pictures show the boom from the
east to the west. The loading shackles are on the east end.(7/6/07)
Below are pictures of a donkey sled near at the end of the western mainline. As you can see, it looks like long ago
someone tried cutting on it for firewood. Also note that the sled is burned and has thus been through a fire, and that it
looks like a boiler skirt was added to this sled.(7/6/07)
These images are from the same donkey sled as above, when I went to visit it with my friend Brian. The last picture is
of what looks like a smashed coffee pot that was found close by.(7/27/07)
At the end of the day, Brian wanted to do just a little bit more poking around the water tower after
leaving the area to go look at Larkin Green grades. We were able to find this brake shoe near where I
found the spike above.(7/27/07)