Chapman Timber Company 1905-1910
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Created 18/3/06
These two photos show the only remains of the first trestle of the spur line that climbed on top of the P&SW tunnel.
This site is in the first draw that the spur comes across, and is easily seen from the old Crown Zellerbach road, on the
east side of the tunnel. This spur left the P&SW just before the huge fill crossing the draw, and into the eastern portal
of the tunnel. It then climbed to the north of the tunnel and ended up directly above and perpendicular to the tunnel,
where the Scappoose-Pittsburg Road is. This was the switchback for it, and it continued, where the road is presently,
for a few miles before leaving the present road location, and ending on a ridgeline between the road and the P&SW
grade. Of the 5 trestle sites between the P&SW junction and the top of the tunnel, this is one of two that have piling left
standing. Another one had the trestle remains collapsed, but easily visible. No trestle remains could be found on the
surface for the other two. (1/30/05)
Here is one of the bolts that used to hold the cross members to the piling at the second trestle.
Unfortunately, a minor debris flow buried any remains of the second trestle on this spur.
Here are some real nice looking tie striations in the grade between the fourth and fifth trestle sites.
Unfortunately, nothing of the fourth trestle could be found. The good news is that this section of the spur
from its beginning to the top of the tunnel was never used as a road, only crossed by the Crown
Zellerbach Road.
The three photos are of the fifth trestle. As you can see, this one is in the best shape of all of the trestles on this spur
line. You can even see one of the cross members standing in place. This trestle crossed a minor draw on the side of the
This rail joiner was found in the brush on the west side of Pittsburg-Scappoose Road. This is where the
grade switchbacked and ran on top of the Nehalem Divide ridge where the road now is.