Created 12/26/08
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This is a general overview of the Clifford area as it looks today. As you can see, there isn't much there.
This would appear to be a flattened piece of pipe laying next to a stump. In this area, only the stumps that
needed to be cleared were. (5/24/08)
A piece of china left behind. (5/24/08)
This would appear to be a fender off of a pickup or car from the 30's. I'm not sure whether this dates from
the days of Clifford or if this came later. (5/24/08)
A hinge left behind when Clifford was torn down. (5/24/08)
Here you can see one of the pates for the top of a stove sitting in the soil. (5/24/08)
Before the coming of the Sumpter Valley Railroad, Clifford was one of the stops for the stage line between Baker and
Prairie City.  However, when the SVRY reached Whitney in 1901, the stage passenger traffic soon began to decline,
especially when the railroad reached Austin in 1904. Today, one can travel along HWY 7 about three miles west of
Whitney, look down a grassy meadow to the north, and not realize that they're looking at the once important stage stop
of Clifford.