Coast Range Lumber Company 1910-1926
Wentworth Lumber Company 1908-1910
Sunset Lumber Company ????-1908
Created 2/29/08
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I do not have any information on when Sunset Lumber Company began, nor that they did any logging. It did seem that
they were looking at operating out of Mabel. In 1908, Sunset sold out to the Wentworth Lumber Company. Shortly after
the sale, Wentworth went to business constructing the railroad from Mabel to Hyland Siding and a connection with the
Southern Pacific. The rail connection with the SP and the mill at Mabel were constructed by 1910, at which point, the
whole thing was taken over by the Coast Range Lumber Company. Shortly after the sale, Coast Range began pushing
grades up Cash and Shotgun Creeks. Coast Range had two camps and at least 4 locomotives, 3 shays and a 2-6-0.
The operations ended in 1924 however, when the Robert Dollar Company foreclosed on them(Please note that this
date might not be exact. There are 3 different dates that I have read in 3 different books). The locomotives were
removed, the rails torn up, and the mill dismantled. However, the end came so suddenly that Coast ranges donkeys
were left out in the woods, still hooked up to the spar trees. It wasn't until 1935 that The Dollar company hired George
McCornack to haul out the donkeys and rigging left behind. So, he went in with a D-8, created new sleds, removed the
donkey off their sleds and put them on the new ones, put the rigging on the donkeys, and began pulling them a little at
a time, to Mabel. Here, they were loaded up and shipped up to Rober Dollars Calapooya operations out of Holley. I do
not know exactly how or why Dollar foreclosed on Coast Range. The only information I've found at this time shows
Robert Dollar grades extending past Mabel in a northern direction. It is possible that Dollar bought into the Coast
Range operations to secure right-of-way for his own operations. In 1949 the section of track from Hyland Siding
through Mabel was relaid by Weyerhaeuser for use with their reload up the Mohawk River. Today, the old grade up
from the mill along Shotgun Creek is the road to the BLM Shotgun Creek Park , and if one drives around on the BLM
roads up there they can find other Coast Range grades going around the country.
Trestle remains found still standing in a dell below Cash Creek Road just after it splits from Dollar Road.
Out Into The Woods:
Mabel in its day was located on both sides of Shotgun Creek, just above the Mohawk River. It even had a post office
that lasted until July of 1957. Today there are only a few houses on the north side of Shotgun Creek that remain, and
this is all that is left of Mabel except for a sign along the Mohawk Highway.
Shown here are three large concrete structures just above the
south bank of Shotgun Creek. They are the remains of the main
mill facility for Coast Range, and are easily visible from the
highway during the winter time. After driving past these a few
thousand times, I finally decided to stop and take a picture.
These concrete blocks were found in rows going in a southerly direction from
the concrete remains shown above. Also note the picture of the piece of
metal. I'm sure that this was probably a piece of roofing or piping from the mill.