Cobbs Mitchel Lumber Company 1920-1947
Created 1/21/06
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Valsetz Lumber Company 1947-1951
Out Of Camp Walker
Old idler car wheel found at Camp Walker itself. Although brush and reprod made looking around very
difficult, there were glass bottles found as well. (11/4/00)
Southern End Of Valsetz Lake
West of Valsetz Lake
Here is the metal of the large trestle that used to cross the 400 Road. The 400 Road was a railroad spur
at one time too. This rail crossing is the one that has been seen in so many pictures. Unfortunately, none
of the trestle still stands. (11/29/99)
Rail Joiner found on southern part of switchback, west of Valsetz, before the spur crossing 4th of July
Creek takes off. (11/28/99)
Here are the remains of the short trestle that used to stand on the switchback, but is now collapsed.
Remains of very well intact donkey sled sitting along the 120 Road, about 0.6 miles up from Russell
Camp. (11/3/00)
Looking up at the sled, notice the crossbeams running between the sled runners. (11/3/00)
Here is a close-up of one of the cross beams. Note the 4 bolts still in place. It is unknown if these bolts
were placed as they were to prevent the cross beam from moving, or if the cross beam at one time was
sitting on top of them. (11/3/00)
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"Lumber Ghosts" by Kenneth Erickson
"Making The Most Of The Best: A History Of Willamette Industries, Inc." by Catherine Dunn