Consolidated Timber Company 1934-1944
Created 2/8/06
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Here is the burnt piling of the trestle that used to exist where part of University Falls Road used to exist.
This is all that remains now and is the marker where the grade leaves the road. (7/18/01)
This burnt piling is all that remains of a trestle that crossed a canyon about 100ft down the grade after
leaving University Falls Road. (7/18/01)
Here is another shot of the same trestle piling as above. This grade, for a ways, has become an atv
trail. (7/18/01)
This blackened piling is all that remains of a small trestle just downgrade from the one shown above.
This trestle exists after the atv has left the grade. From here, the grade turns and begins to head to
and follow the Wilson River. This is the last of the trestles that I could find any standing remains for on
this grade. (7/18/01)
These pilings are all that remain of  a trestle that existed about 4 miles up what is now Storey Keeler
Burn Road (7/26/03)
This is the most intact logging trestle that I have ever found, especially seeing how this trestle is over
50 years old. Looking at the condition however, it is not a hundred percent intact (8/16/03)
Here I am standing next to one of the sets of short piling at the beginning of this trestle. (8/16/03)
Here is an obscured part of the trestle. Unfortunately, most of the trestle was obscured by brush and
small trees. (8/16/03)
Although it is hard to see, this image shows one of the logs that was laid down on top of the piling cap,
that the ties would have been laid down on. (8/16/03)
This image shows the cut in one of the logs that ran atop the piling caps, as this one still is. (8/16/03)
Here is a skyward shot showing the trestle with the stringers that the ties were bolted down to. (8/16/03)
Another shot through the brush showing this mostly intact trestle. (8/16/03)
This shot is after the trestle has crossed the creek that its over and is on the other side. (8/16/03)
This is the last bit of piling that has the running logs on it. (8/16/03)
This is the other end of this nearly intact trestle located along Beaver Dam Road. (8/16/03)
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"Tillamook Burn Coiuntry" by Ellis Lucia
"The Southern Pacific In Oregon" by Ed Austin & Tom Dill