Crescent Logging Co. 1927-1946
Created 7/25/09
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Irving-Harley Logging Co. 1927-1927
Across The Sol Duc:
In T29NR12WSec35, Crescent ran a spur to access some timber on the north side of the River. To do this they had to
cross the Sol Duck River. There isn't much left on this line, but it did run a little on the road across HWY 101 from the
FS-30 Road (West Twin Road).
This through cut is located on the south side of the river and is about the only evidence of a
railroad here. (5/6/08)
These piling stubs are all that are left of the Sol Duc crossing itself. Note that
the pilings are placed two rows together indicating a long span across the river.
These are located on the north side of the river (9/20/08)
These spikes were found near the spot where the grade joins into the B-6500. (4/14/08)
This car spring was found at the cross road just past the white gate on the B-6500 Road (4/14/08)
Sol Duc River Mainline:
Here are the worn down stubs of pilings of the trestle that Crescent used to cross the Sol Duc out of Slab
Camp, and log the hills in the upper Sol Duc valley.(1/29/10)
Kugal Ridge:
Some better shots of the rollway that was used on the balloon track at the top
of Kugal Ridge.(12/22/11)
2920 Spur:
The pictures below show the pilings that are still standing, and the remains of a beautiful curved trestle at the junction
of the 2920 and 2920.020 roads.(07/28/09)