Diamond Jack Mine
Created 12/23/08
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Looking at the cabin for the Diamond Jack Mine. This cabin sits about a quarter of a mile away from the
mining area. (5/24/08)
Looking inside of the cabin. (5/24/08)
Another view of the cabin. (5/24/08)
Looking at the old tipped over outhouse for the mine. (5/24/08)
Looking at an old bed and some other metal that were laying around the cabin. (5/24/08)
Looking at one of the pit holes between the cabin and the main mining area. (5/24/08)
This is one of the collapsed adits in the main mining area. This area is now being reworked by hydraulic
mining to get anything that was left behind in the tailings. (5/24/08)
Looking at the falls on Geiser Creek just upstream from the main mining area. (5/24/08)
I don't know much about this mine. It doesn't show up in any of the books I have, which would indicate that it is newer
than 1968, or was much older than that and went a long time without being used. It is also possible that this was not
used for gold and silver too. However, looking at the buildings that are left, you can see that they are still pretty well
intact and standing which means that they would be newer. There is a dirt road that goes by the cabin to the mine area,
about a quarter of a mile away. Between the two there are several pits, and in the main mine area there appears to be
at least two collapsed adits. The main problem is that this whole area is being reworked by hydraulic mining at the
present, making determining extent of development almost impossible.