Eagle Lumber Company
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Eagle Lumber Company trestle remains of the lower mainline crossing South Lousignont Creek. These
pilings are on the west side of the creek. Only the extreme ends of the this trestle were still standing
when I first visited the site. Now, none are standing.(11/22/99)
Trestle remains of the lower South Lousignont Creek crossing of the mainline. These were on the east
side of the creek. Unfortunately, on a recent trip back to the area, I noticed that these pilings are now
gone down the hill with the rest of the trestle. (11/22/99)
A demonstration of the strength of the wood. Even after nearly 60 years of non service, the wood
crossbeams are still strong enough to support my weight. This is the trestle just before the mainline ties
into South Lousignont Road for the first time. (11/22/99)