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Created 7/25/09
Looking south through the throughcut of the spur.(7/10/09)
These two spikes were the only ones found in the spur at all. One was about half way up
throughcut from the road. The other was at the end of the grade.(7/10/09)
Although difficult to see, this is a buried pipe in the ground that came off of the creek that the spur
parallels, to feed the donkey.(7/10/09)
Over the years I have found several of these in the woods. People let go of the helium filled balloons and
they eventually float away until the helium dissipates, when they come back down and snag in a tree. This
one happens to say "Happy Mothers Day" and was found between the upper camp and line's
Upper Camp:
Standing on the large cut slope looking at the upper camp site from north(left) to
south(right). This camp had a level area against the cut slope on the west end, three lines
running through, and a siding. There was also a trestle that used to stand on the south end
of camp.(7/10/09)
An old tin can lying in the leveled off area next to the cut slope. We couldn't find much here, which
probably means that this camp was abandoned prior to the Tillamook Burn of 1933.(7/10/09)
This stump with cable was on the very southwestern corner of the camp, on top of the cut slope(7/10/09)
I don't know exactly what this broken piece of metal is, but it was lying on the spur on the east side of
Spike found in the middle of camp.(7/10/09)
Looking back along the grade and the throughcut, from the end of it on the switchback.(7/10/09)
Stump with cable around it at the upper loading area, just before the end of the railroad.(7/10/09)
Tie striations on the upper part of the grade just after the switchback.(7/10/09)
This cable was running all along the grade around the switchback area.(7/10/09)
A stump with a spike in it. This spike would have once held some cable. This is in the upper loading area,
just before the end of the railroad.(7/10/09)
I do not know why there is cable wrapped around this log at the upper loading area. The log is too badly
damaged to tell if this used to be part of a rollway, spar, or some other device.(7/10/09)
Inside of the second throughcut on the south side of the logging road, there were a bunch of
spikes scattered about. I don't know why, but it would seem that they were
Looking SSE at the second throughcut off of the logging spur.(7/10/09)
Looking NNW at the first throughcut and the logging spur beyond it.(7/10/09)
Shortly after taking off of the POTB tracks, the line passes through an old
mine. Part of the grade was used as the mine road. The building is next to the
grade, the shackle was in the grade.(7/10/09)
This pile of cable and oil drum were laying alongside of the grade a short ways after it takes off of the
POTB tracks.(7/10/09)