Created 12/14/08
Fischer Lumber Company 1910-1939
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Fischer started logging in 1910 with a two truck shay a couple of miles up Parson's Creek from Marcola. This is where
the first mill was located. Logs were brought in by train and dumped into the pond. After sawing was completed the
lumber was flumed down to Marcola to be put on Southern Pacific trains. A couple of years after starting, they added a
heisler to the shay. In 1939 the mill up Parson's Creek burned down. Rather than rebuild it there, it was moved down
into Marcola, along the SP tracks, the railroad was abandoned, and they started to use trucks to feed the mill.
Although not part of the railroad, these pictures show the concrete remains of the Fischer
Lumber Company mill in Marcola. When their mill up in the hills on Parson Creek burned in
1937, Fischer decided to build a new mill in Marcola and log with trucks. The mill was
completed in 1939. This mill only operated until 1956 when it too was shut down. There used
to be the remains of a power plant across the road, but I see that it is now gone. Again I wish
that in one of my past trips down there I had snapped a picture of it. (2/22/08)
This is the old wooden machine shop that lied across the road from the mill remains. I do not know when it
was last used. (2/22/08)