Flora Logging Company Pt. 2
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Camp 1 To Camp 3 and the Toll Road Mainline
This unknown piece of metal is part of a rail car wreck downhill from the mainline a little ways after it left Toll Road. (3/25/00)
Here is part of a rail car frame at the same wreck site as mentioned above. Unfortunately, I do not know what wreck this is. (3/25/00)
This is the last bit of metal that I could find on the surface at the rail car wreck site. It is possible that there is more there buried
beneath the vegetation. This site was logged about two years prior to when I visited it. (3/25/00)
This rail plate was sitting on the mainline grade above the rest of the wrecked rail car. (3/25/00)
These spikes were also laying near the old wreck site, on the mainline. (3/25/00)
This bent rail was laying beside the mainline that is now Toll Road. The rail is of course along the mainline after it rejoined Toll
Road. (3/25/00)
Flora Logging Company Rail
Here is another rail lying beside the mainline that is now Toll Road. This is a little ways up from the previous one. (3/25/00)
This pile of cable is lying beside one of the logs of the best preserved donkey sled I that exists on the Flora grades. You
can see one of the bolts just above and to the left of the cable. This is on the spur that crosses Heisler Bypass Road
Unfortunately, this was the last shot on the roll of film that I had at the time. (3/28/00)
West Of Camp Murphy
North Of Camp Murphy
"Logging Railroads Of The West" by Kramer Adams
"This Was Railroading" by George Abdill
"Yesterday In Oregon" by Edwin Culp
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Camp 1 To Camp Murphy
Unfortunately, there isn't much left on the mainline between Camp 1 and Camp Murphy. Almost all of the grade between these two camps has
been turned into a logging road. Of the trestles that lied in the draws, there is only one that though fallen, is easily recognized. There are also
five spur lines that I know of that take off of the mainline in this section. Two long ones and three short ones. Four of the spurs take off to the
south, while just one takes off to the north.
Flora Logging Company
This is the beginning of a low lying trestle that had fallen, just over a mile past Camp One. (3/28/00)
Flora Logging Company trestle
Here is another shot of the same trestle. Notice that some of the ties have survived the fall, as has the main beam, and
can easily be seen. This trestle only stood about five feet off of the ground on its western end when it existed. (3/28/00)
Flora Logging Company trestle
Here is another shot of the intact ties laying on the main running beam of the trestle. Unfortunately, only the eastern part
of the trestle is in this good of shape. (3/28/00)
Flora Logging Company Trestle
This is the last shot of the short trestle, as it is getting taller towards the draw, and recent logging at the time had
obliterated any sign of it on the west side of the draw. (3/28/00)