Gold Center
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Created 12/23/08
I don't know if this chair actually dates back to the time of Gold Center or if it was tossed down the hill or
left at some later point in time. (5/26/08)
A piece of unknown metal laying against one of the trees in the area. (5/26/08)
One of the buildings that used to exist in Gold Center. You can see the base beams forming a rectangle
here. I'm not sure if the depression and water formed after the town, or if it was some sort of cellar.
Another one of the building sites in Gold Center. Note that like the picture above this one also shows the
base beams along the ground. (5/26/08)
I don't know much about Gold Center other than it was the stopover between Sumpter and Granite. It was also a hub
for some of mines in between the two towns. The town was located at the confluence of two creeks, one of which is Bull
Run Creek and the USFS 850 Road. Today there is very little left of the town, as shown below. However, it should be
noted that the trees in Gold Center all have signs denoting a historical area, although giving no information, and that
you can't take anything from there.