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This rather large mining cabin lies on the south side of the USFS 190 RD shortly after the junction of the
USFS 120 RD. There was not much time to do exploring, but the 190 road is uphill of the cabin, and there
is a draw below. There were some smaller pit mines in the vicinity of the cabin, and a very large pit mine
on the other side of the 190 RD. (This view is looking at the cabin from the 190 RD. (5/28/06)
Looking at the back side of the addition to, and the cabin itself. As you can see, the backside of the
buildings are in relative perfection. (5/28/06)
Looking at the only section of the addition to the main cabin that was still standing when this photo was
taken. Note the windows in what would appear to be separate rooms in the addition. (5/28/06)
The tree that demolished the additon to the cabin can be seen in this photo. There were a couple of bed
frames that were found in the addition. This view was looking norteast.h. (5/28/06)
Here is looking at the front of the main building with the collapsed addition to the right, and clearly
showing the two stories. The imprint of a staircase can be seen against the back wall. This would have
been created by years of shadowing the wall by the staircase. Inside of the cabin there was nothing.
There was an old mattress nearby. (5/28/06)
This is the completely collapsed remains of an unknown building that lay nearby, possibly a tool shed.
This is the remains of a small building near the site of the large pit mine across the 190 RD. The large pit
is actually a long trench. (5/28/06)
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