Greenwood Logging Co. 1922-1938
Created 7/25/09
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Piece of bent rail, possibly left over from a wreck, on the old Dunbar Pinckney Dairy. Thanks again for
showing me this and the trestle.(1/18/09)
Trestle still standing on south side of old Dunbar Pinckney Dairy along Hoquiam Road. This
view is looking south.(1/18/09)
Looking north near the end of the western most line of Greenwood. This is about a quarter of a mile east
and parallel to the old Polson/Rayonier mainline to Railroad Camp.(2/16/09)
After crossing the East Fork of the Hoquiam River, the grade split with one end running to the NNW and
the other to the SSW. Here you can see tie striations just west of that crossing.(6/15/07)
Along the NNW spur, this hemlock stump can be seen. Obviously it was growing on an old log that has
since rotted away leaving something that looks as if it belongs in a sci fi movie.(6/15/09)
This throughcut is just east of Railroad Camp and near the end of this spur that had just crossed
Polson's line to Camp #3.(6/15/09)