Humbolt Mine
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Created 5/7/06
Unfortunately, I do not know any history about this mine. It is obvious from the debris and artifacts that I found that there
used to be several buildings here at one time. The main way of mining the area by this company or endeavor was by
pits. There were several of these pits surrounding this area, but no vertical shafts or adits. This mine is definately within
the boundary of the Greenhorn Mining District, and is located northwest of Robinsonville between roads 940, 944, 970,
and 978.
Since this mine is on Forest Service lands, I'm sure that it was they who piled up the debris from the
buildings such as this one. (5/29/05)
Here is some of the beams piled up over a mound of earth. (5/29/05)
I do not know what this piece of metal belonged to, but it was the only non roofing metal that could be
found at the site besides nails. (5/29/05)
Here, some of the better beams and boards seemed to be stacked up. It is probable that this occurred
when the site was cleaned up. (5/29/05)
It is uncertain whether this outhouse exists from the time of the mine, or if it was built shortly after the
area was cleared, from the remaining boards that were in good shape. (5/29/05)
Here is a good example of one of the pit mines in the Humbolt area. Although not readily apparent, the
wood inside of the pit is actually milled boards that were used to shore up the sides of the pit mine.