Modern Railroads
Created 6/25/11
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Union Pacific:
Union Pacific SD70m #4038 is seen pulling westbound train into the northwest industrial yards in
northwest Portland at the end of 26th Avenue.(1/22/11)
Union Pacific SD70m #4168 is seen in the same train at the same place as above.(1/22/11)
Central Oregon & Pacific:
Ex CORP GP38's 3816 & 3825 doing some switching in Aberdeen, WA.(02/11/11)
Southern Pacific:
SP 2-6-0 #1785 sits on display in Woodburn all decorated for Christmas.(12/28/08)
Albany & Eastern Railroad:
Albany & Eastern Railroad GP35 #2501 with a train crossing Franklin Street in
Albany & Eastern RR Homepage
GP38-2 #2001 is seen crossing 2nd Street in Lebanon on its way to Albany.(03/06/10)
Stimson Lumber Company:
Stimson's #7 switcher is seen sitting idle in their mill yards in Scoggin's Valley.(03/06/10)
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