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Musick Mine
Created 2/8/06)
If you plan on visiting the day park that exists here and have animals or children, please do not let them wander.
There is enough room with the boarding on the airvent for them to slip through and it is a long drop. There are also
several hidden adits on the hillside as well. This mine operated from 1891 through the 1960's. There is still some
placer mining going on in the mine tailings. It is estimated that there is over 7200 feet of total tunnels on several levels
Here is my friend Ben standing on what appears to be the main air shaft for the mine. It has been
boarded up because this area is now a daytime county park. (6/17/01)
Here is one of the rails for the Musick Mine. This is located at the base of the larger tailings pile to the
south. The rails were apparently thrown to the side when the tracks were pulled up. (6/17/01)
Here is another rail at the base of the souther tailings pile. (6/17/01)
And Yet, another rail at the same location. (6/17/01)
Here is what I believe to be the original entrance to the Musick Mine. It is known, by talking to people who
are far older than me and used to explore this mine as kids, that it had many levels and used to be
interconnected. The shaft behind the old door has long since collapsed and been excavated. This is now
a trench that extends for about 100ft before disappearing into the mountain. (6/17/01)
"Gold & Silver In Oregon" by State Of Oregon Department Of Geology And Mineral Industries.