North Western L. Co. 1917-1941
Campbell Slough Branch
Created 7/17/09
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Looking at boom pilings in Campbell Slough. (1/17/09)
Looking at remains of trestle that crossed
a marshy area right beside the mainline.
This trestle was built so that a spur could
come off of the mainline and gain
elevation on top of a little hill. (1/17/09)
Looking at the remaining piles of a trestle that crossed Cedar Creek and continued on for a
little bit as a short spur. (1/17/09)
This is the trestle of the mainline that is today a road. I do not know if these are the original pilings or not.
This is looking east from the pilings pictured above. (1/17/09)
The remains of two ties lying beside the grade. (1/17/09)
The pictures below show the trestle across the Copalis River of the main western spur. It is too bad there is only about
25% of the total wood volume of the trestle left. As tall and long as this was, I'm sure that it would have definitely been a
sight to behold. The pictures are arranged looking at the trestle from the south to the north. (1/19/09)
The pictures below show the trestle of the mainline crossing the Copalis River. In comparison, you can see that the
river is narrower here and that the trestle isn't as long. Also, note how much better this trestle is compared with the one
shown above. (1/19/09)