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Willamette Valley & Coast Railroad 1877-1886
Oregon Pacific Railroad 1886-1897
Created 2/16/08
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Corvallis & Eastern Railway 1897-1915
Southern Pacific 1915-1993(In 2 branches: The Toledo Branch and the Mill City Branch)
Willamette & Pacific 1993-Present(Albany to Toledo, west of here the line is abandoned)
Albany & Eastern 1994-Present(Shelburn to near Mill City, east of here the line is abandoned)
The line between Albany & Shelburn is abandoned.
Toledo West
This is the furtherest trestle that is still standing on this line. (9/1/06)
The number 1 on display in Toledo. Although lettered for the Corvallis & Yaquina Bay, the engine saw
service in Lincoln County as Manary Logging Company's #1. Then it went to C.D. Johnson Lumber
Company as their #1, and finally to Georgia Pacific as their #1 and was put on display in 1960. (1993)
The old freight depot in Corvallis. (7/95)
Mill City
This water tower stands on the west end of Mill City where the tracks crossed Broadway. (2/24/08)
This is the trestle that was used to cross the north fork of the Santiam River. Since its
abandonment, the trestle has been used as a walking path by the residents of Mill City.
(Summer 93)
Same trestle as above, only seen 15 years later. (2/24/08)
The Mill City depot stands just as it did back in the days of the railroad. Only
now, it serves as a museum instead. The main tracks used to run where the
street is now. (2/24/08)
This trestle stands on  the far east end of Mill City, where the tracks were past the mill and
were on their way to Gates. (2/24/08)
West of Gates
This trestle is located about a mile east of Gates alongside of the highway and is one of two
trestles that I know of to be still standing at the time I visited them. (7/95)
Looking SE at the double track through Toledo. This is taken from SW A Street.(01/02/12)
Looking NW at the end of the double track through Toledo, from the SW A Street crossing.(01/02/12)
Looking SE at the double track plus a siding from Fir Street/East Slope Road crossing. That's East Slope
Road on the left.(01/02/12)
Looking NW at the double track from the Fir Street crossing.(01/02/12)
Looking north at the rail access for the Georgia Pacific paper mill. This is about 350 feet north of the Fir
Street crossing.(01/02/12)
Remains of second approach to the paper mill about 250 feet NNW of the first rail access to the mill.
This is looking at the existing double track.(01/02/12)
Remains of the second rail access as it enters the mill site. Note rails and ties still in place.(01/02/12)