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Oregon Timber Company
Created 5/9/06
The pictures on this page below, come from a section of the mainline of Oregon Timber Company from where it leaves
Nicolai Mountain Road, north to where it ties in with an unknown road, that was followed on 3/25/06. For the most part,
the grade to the first creek crossing does not have much. The section to the next creek crossing has the site of one of
the old camps. Immediately after crossing the second creek, there are the remains of an old barrel, a broken rail, and a
rail joiner. The rest of the old grade past the second creek crossing is filled with all kinds of rails and a couple of rail
joiners. The person in the pictures is my friend Joe who went with me on the grade. We were joking because it seemed
like every 100 ft or so there was another pair of rails. There did not seem to be anything wrong with the rails that we
found in pairs. Almost like they were set to the side during the ripping of this grade. Single rails that were found definitely
had signs of some kind of structural failure. Rather than listing these out individually as normal, I've decided to group
them all together below, with some exceptions.
Oregon Timber Company
Middle Camp
For the most part, there is not much left at this camp, except what is listed and shown below. It is definitely a camp
though due to the flatness of the ground on the east side of the mainline. There is also three tracks at this location; a
mainline, a siding, and a spur track.
Here is Joe with some kind of piping. The shape of this piping, leads me to believe that it used to be part
of a closeline. Close to this pipe was a very large rectangular pit that was definitely hand dug. (3/25/06)
Here is a cross bar of a donkey sled that is lying on the north side of the camp. Unfortunately, the donkey
sled is sliding down the steep hillside that it rests on. As a result, it is far more damaged than the first time
I came upon it three years ago. Hence, the rod in the air. (3/25/06)
Other sites along the grade.
This is a small tank that is on a siding that runs on the backside of a cut. It is unclear what purpose this
tank served, it does appear to have been up on stilts of some kind and was for railroad purposes.
Here is another picture of the tank. It is possible that it was a water tank. There is a medium sized
stream nearby that would have provided water year round. The tank could dump its load into the
locomotive and quickly recharge itself afterward. (3/25/06)
Although difficult to see, this is the part of the cut that has been cut into for the tank that is pictured
above. (3/25/06)
This object leaning against the alder appears to be the brake linkage off of a car. (3/25/06)
This is a close-up of the top part of the linkage. (3/25/06)
Another close-up of the upper part of the car linkage. (3/25/06)
A close-up of the bottom part of the linkage. (3/25/06)
This switch frog is indeed a unique find. This is the first one that I have ever found out in the woods.
There is a short spur that takes off near here. There is also a broken rail, a bent rail, and a locomotive
break shoe nearby. The shoe can be seen lying on the frog. (3/25/06)
Here is another shot of the switch frog This switch frog is near the end of the grade that I followed.
Here is the locomotive break shoe sitting on top of the switch frog. I would suggest that this is off of a
locomotive due to the fact that lengthwise it is the same as those on railcars, but it is about three times as
thick. Since Oregon Timber used geared locomotives, their wheels would also be about the same size as
railcar wheels. Notice the "O.T.Co." that has been stenciled on the brake shoe. (3/25/06)
logging, railroad, brake shoe, Oregon Timber Company
Here is a bent rail that is lying close to the frog and the brake shoe. It is more than likely that a wreck of
some kind occurred here.(3/25/06)
Here is the broken rail that is lying nearby the frog and brake shoe. (3/25/06)
Here are the remains of an old barrel that were found shortly after the second creek crossing. (3/25/06)
This heavily rusted object appears to be a smokestack off of a locomotive. There appears to be
mounting brackets on the bottom of the pipe. Other than this, I do not know what this could be.  3/25/06)
I don't know exactly what this belongs to, but it definitely looks like it was some kind of joining metal
because of the holes. However, it is far too large to be a rail joiner. (3/25/06)
This rail joiner and rail were found between the mainline and a short loading
spur that took off from it where the main grade had been turned into a now
decommissioned logging road. (8/10/07)
South of the Southern Camp:
Southern Camp:
This piece of window pane glass and bed frame were found in a slash pile on the southern
end of the camp where all of the sidings in the camp came together. (8/10/07)
This piece of dishware was found in the throughcut of the eastern siding through camp. (8/10/07)
These are all bed frames that were found scattered along the ground along the western
siding of the camp to the middle track of the camp. It may be that this camp was caught in
a fire and the bunkhouses burned. When they came back they shoved everything off of
the grade. (8/10/07)
Rail joiner found next to creek after the middle and eastern tracks come together. (8/10/07)
Very old rail joiner found just north of the one below. Notice that all this one is, is a bar with holes. Usually
these rail joiners date back to the 1800's. However, logging railroads were known to use anything that
they could get their hands on. (8/10/07)
This camp is located off of the main road in a then 4 year old clearcut. There were 3 grades through this camp. The
eastern one and the middle one came back together after only a couple hundred feet. Shortly after coming together,
the line crossed a  small creek that was probably the water supply for the camp. After crossing the creek a spur took
off heading northeast. The western line did not rejoin the others until several hundred feet north where the mainline
crossed a major creek on a trestle with no remains left.
This throughcut is located after the trestle crossing the main creek just north of the Southern Camp.
Lightening twisted snag left on the hillside below a spur that took off before the big creek crossing just
north of the southern camp. (8/10/07)
Looking down into a very very deep cut. This is the mainline before the main creek crossing
just north of the southern camp. (8/10/07)