Oregonian Railway 1881-1890
Created 6/17/07
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This view is looking at the current end of the track in Dallas as seen from Ash Street, beside its
intersection with Church Street. This was the southern part of the Dallas yards. This is the westernmost
track, and was the mainline through Dallas, between Perrydale and Airlie.  The end of the line stops just
shy of Ash street. The only other track that still exists is the short spur that ran north, beside the old feed
and seed warehouse, up to near Clay Street. This track was the easternmost track of the Dallas yards.
Note also the discoloration on the feed and seed warehouse, indicating that there was more to this
structure than what is currently here. Also, if you look carefully to the right of the old feed and seed
warehouse, you'll see the green and yellow colored building of the ex Willamette Industries mill. (9/1/98)
Looking down at the tie and rail where the mainline tracks pick back up on the north side of  Ash Street. It
would appear that the rails that used to cross Ash Street were ripped out, possible to prevent a rail car
from going to far out on this line. (9/1/98)
Looking north along the old mainline through Dallas, from where the tracks pick back up on the north side
of Ash Street. This track lays beside Church Street all the way to Washington Street. (9/1/98)
Same view as above, but from the point where the track has finished making its turn and now runs directly
north. (9/1/98)
Looking at the intact mainline track as it runs beside Church Street and crosses Clay Street. (9/1/98)
The building behind the piles of barkdust, and the tracks above the shadow, would be about where the
old depot would have stood. However, as you can see it is long gone. (9/1/98)
Looking south at the eastern spur of the old Dallas railyards. The mainline is to the right. Note that even
though the mainline tracks were ripped out of Ash Street, the spurs tracks have been allowed to stay in
place in Ash Street. An excellent map of the railyards can be found on page 173 of "The Southern Pacific
In Oregon" by Austin & DIll. (9/1/98)
Same spot as above, now looking north at the Ash Street crossing and the tracks running into the private
property behind the chain link fence. (9/1/98)
Southern Pacific (Broadmead to Perrydale) 1890-1985(abandoned)
Southern Pacific (Perrydale to Dallas) 1890-1927(abandoned)
Southern Pacific (Dallas to Monmouth) 1890-1934(abandoned)
Southern Pacific (Monmouth to Airlie) 1890-1927(abandoned)
It would be important to note that this railroad was started by the Dayton, Sheridan, and Grand Ronde Railroad in 1878,
but not much construction was realized. It wasn't until the Oregonian Railway took over that the line was finished.
"The Southern Pacific In Oregon" by Ed Austin & Tom Dill
"Stations West, The Story of Oregon Railways" by Edwin Culp
Although not part of the railroad, the old filing station with the steam tractor at the crossroads at the
center of town was still cool.(01/05/09)
Looking NE from the seed warehouse siding at the old Perrydale yards. The depot is visible in the center
right of the photo. The last trains ran through here in 1985.(01/05/09)
The Perrydale depot as it stood in 2009. As I understand it, a group in McMinnville are
trying to restore the depot, hence the missing chimney, bay, and widows.(01/05/09)
These two photos show the remains of  what used to be a large seed warehouse loading
area. The first one is looking NE and the second one is looking SW. There used to be more
where the trailer in the background is now situated.(01/05/09)
Perrydale at one time consisted of a two track yard with a depot and warehouses on both sides of the track. It was also
the last segment to be used before the entire railroad was abandoned. The main commodity for the line was always
farm products since Perrydale is a small farming community.