PYX Mine
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Created 8/2/06
This mine began prior to 1900 and saw a rise in activity during 1907 through 1911. Following this, activity on the mine
seemed to trickle at times. In 1954 a 25 ton stamp mill was erected. Supposedly this mine had one 150ft vertical shaft
and several other adits, including the 600ft main one. However, the ground that is present at this mine is reminiscent of
the old sea floor that can be found at the Vesuvius Mine at Bohemia, and is very unstable. The shaft opening has signs
of being redug several times. At present, only the main shaft, some pits, the cabin, and the stamp mill could be found.
There are signs of recent mining activity on the site. This mine is located in Grant County, Sections 1 and 2 T10S
R34E, off of a spur road off of the 120 RD.
Here are two shots of the cabin for the PYX Mine. This cabin is located about one tenth mile back up the
spur from the main adit, and shows signs of current mining activities across the road from it. There also
appears to have been an adit behind the cabin at one time. (5/28/06)
These are my friends Heather, Mike, Keith, and Ryan (with the quad) at the entrance to the main adit of
the mine. I was taking this picture where it appears the original adit entrance was located. As you can see
from the depth and hill slopes, this adit appears to have collapsed and been redug several times.
Here is Mike inspecting the last opening of he adit. As you can see here, even this one is filled in with
debris and water. (5/28/06)
Part of a bearing housing laying in the tailings pile across the road from the adit. (5/28/06)
Here are a couple of ties still in place that the ore carts from the main adit ran upon. The rails would have
run out from the opening, crossed the road, and ran out onto the tailings pile. The top of the stamp mill is
just at the end of the tailings pile. (5/28/06)
Looking south from the top of the tailings pile at the backside of the stamp mill. The debris in the
foreground is the remnants of the walkway from the tailings pile to the stamp mill. (5/28/6)
A closer look at the debris that was the old walkway. (5/28/06)
Looking north at the front side of the only part of the stamp mill still standing. Note the ladder in the left
side of the photo. (5/28/06)
Looking north at the upper part of the remaining stamp mill. Note the chute in the middle of the part of the
building. This would appear to have been just the hopper, or tipple. (5/28/06)
Looking at the entire stamp mill. Here, the tipple can be seen in the background with concrete
foundations for the machinery in the center with the debris. It is possible that this structure was destroyed
when the machinery was removed, as there is no evidence of any machinery nearby. (5/28/06)
Here is a closer look at the concrete foundations, probably for the stamper. (5/28/06)
This is the collapsed remains of a building that stood to the east of the stamp mill, about thirty feet. Its
purpose is unknown, but the barrel suggests that it may have been used to store equipment and
supplies. (5/28/06)