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Created 1/29/10
Rayonier South
This is the awesome trestle that still stands across the West Fork of Stevenss Creek on the old mainline, just south of
the F Line. This is the south crossing of the creek by the mainline. Note that all of the stringers are still there, as are
some of the ties, which include spikes in them. Also note the odd construction of this trestle in that piles could not be
driven into the main part of the creek, so double piles were driven in on either side and the creek was spanned by
stringers. The pictures shown below show the trestle from the south end to the north end. This section of the mainline
was later bypassed by Rayonier.(8/31/07)
Although I'm not 100% sure, I think that this debris and the odd spikes shown in these two pictures below are the
remains of a water tower that stood about 50ft north of the end of the trestle above. These boards and spikes are
about 10 to 20ft away from the grade, and there is easy access to Stevens Creek below. (8/31/07)
The pictures below show ties, tie piles, spikes in ties, and the striations left behind from the end of the trestle to a large
fill (last pic) about 400ft north of the end of the trestle. It seemed that when this line was scrapped, they were in such a
hurry that they didn't even pile all of the ties, they just threw them off of the grade. Also, this area has not been
touched by logging yet, and as a result the tie striations are still in place. (8/31/07)
This is looking down the short spur to the right, just after the end of the trestle. (8/31/07)
So, how high did they put their springboards in to cut this stump. This was found on the north side of the
first spur to the right. (8/31/07)
This is the rollway at the end of the first spur to the right. If you look carefully, you'll see the rollway logs
still in place pointing to the grade. There were a few skid trails leading to the rollway. Also, since a rollway
was used instead of a spar pole, I believe that this was one of the first of Rayonier's logging lines.
This is an interesting spot that I just happened upon. Four trestles were used to cross the Copalis River four times to
form a wye with the E2-Line. Even more amazing is that all four trestles are still standing and are in relatively good
shape considering the climate and the number of years that they have stood. This area is at the point where the
RY-8100 ends, at the start of the wye. It would appear that it was impractical to continue turning the grade into a road
past this point.
This is the only trestle in the NE leg of the wye. You can see in the picures that it is pretty rotten unfortunately. The
pictures shown below depict the trestle from the SE to the NW in direction. However, the first two are looking at the
trestle as a whole. (8/31/07)
I have no idea how this old pot got here. However, it was located in the trees just off to the side of the NE
leg of the wye. (8/31/07)
These are ties sitting in the water about midpoint in the NW leg of the wye. Except on the trestles, there
were no ties laying about. It may be that after these were cast aside, no one wanted to go into the water
to get them. (8/31/07)
Unfortunately, the western most trestle on the southern leg of the wye is mostly overgrown. However, you can see that
there are ties still in place on it, and that it is still standing. The pictures below show the trestle from west to east.
This is the middle trestle on the southern leg of the wye. Note that not only is this one still standing, but it also has
some ties left in place. Also, I was somehow able to find a spike in the mud on the eastern end of the trestle. The
photos below show the trestle from the west to the east. (8/31/07)
This spike, and others like it I found in the fills in the southern leg of the wye, indicate the construction
techniques that were used to build the fills. The ground in this area is too soft to support a true fill so a
trestle was constructed all of the way across this area, and then parts of it were filled in using dirt and
side dump cars. (8/31/07)
This is the eastern trestle on the southern leg of the wye. It too is still standing, and also has some ties left in place.
The eastern end of this trestle marks the end of RY-8100 that was turned into a road. The photos below show the
trestle from the west to the east. (8/31/07)
I do not know when the spur shown in the pictures below was used. However, the fact that a rollway was used instead
of a boom, and the fact that it does not show on Polson maps of lines post 1914 indicates that it must have been one
of their first spurs.
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Rail plate found along the mainline near the junction with the V- Line(10/03/09)