Schafer Brothers Lgg. Co. 1913-1955
Created 2/19/12
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Looking at a Schafer throughcut from Garrard Creek Road.  This is two corners to the east from the
intersection of Brooklyn Road. The Schafer Brothers mainline left the O-W RR & N Co. Grays Harbor
Branch just northeast of Mattson Road and paralleled Garrard Road to this point, split, and this spur
continued up a creek, while the main followed Garrard and then Brooklyn.(03/21/08)
Again, you can see the old Schafer non-creosoted pilings behind the UP trestle in the foreground. This
one was about a quarter mile northwest of the Garrard Creek Road/South Bank Road
These pictures show another Schafer Brothers trestle on their mainline. This is
close to the South Bank Road and Barton Road interchange. Again, the
untreated Schafer pilings are in the background.(03/21/08)
Here is the first trestle after crossing the Chehalis River. This one is located just
southeast of Saginaw, about 400ft up from the intersection between South
Bank Road and Delezene Creek Road. Note that these are full bents, which is
the best of the next trestles. Also, note how the Schafer pilings are worse than
the UP pilings.(03/21/08).
These six pictures show most of what is left of the trestle across
the Chehalis River. Schafer Brothers crossed the Chehalis at
Wakefield Road just south of Elma. These bents and pilings are
located on the north side of the Wakefield bridge. There is
nothing left in the river or on the south side of the Chehalis that
could be seen of this trestle. Included is a picture of the old
Wakefield Road bridge that was left in place.(03/21/08)
Lines South:
The mainline south through South Elma, Saginaw, Cedarville, and such began when the Schafer Brothers purchased
the National Lumber Manufacturing Company in 1927, followed by timber holdings of the Doty Lumber & Shingle Mill
that were nearby in 1928. Thinking about the rates that the Northern Pacific charged to get their logs from Brady to
Aberdeen, and that it was approximately 50 miles from these holdings to the mills at Montessano or 60 miles to
Aberdeen, the Schafers thought that the rates the Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company or the
Milwaukee Road would not make it profitable to get the logs from this area to the woods. They approached the UP &
CMStP&P to acquire trackage rights over the line, but were turned down. The Schafers decided instead to build their
own line that paralleled the UP/CMStP&P Grays Harbor Branch from South Elma running SSE to just north of Balch,
where the mainline took off and ran to the west, following what is now Garrard Creek Road, until it hits Brooklyn Road.
From here, the Schafers had spurs and mainlines running throughout the countryside.  
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