Silver Falls Timber Company 1912 to 1938
Created 12/23/08
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Looking at the switch cross bar of the track on the east side of Mill Street. (5/30/07)
My dad looking at one of the rails that was left over from the railroad days. As you can see,
this rail dates from 1885. (10/26/07)
The old stripped crossing guard still stands on the eastern side of highway 214 in Silverton. This was the
spur to the old Silver Falls T. Co. mill, and at this crossing was the north leg of a wye. The rails are still in
place to the mill from the old Oregonian east side line, although no trains have traveled these tracks for
over thirty years. (3/23/08)
Looking west down the old grade towards the Silverton yards. Also in the photo you can see the double
trackage crossing Mill Street. (5/30/07)
In this photo you can see where the two sets of tracks come together on the west side of Mill Street.
Looking at the two sets of tracks coming from the west to Mill Street. (5/30/07)
Here you can see the rails laying in the grass just west of Mill Street. (5/30/07)
Looking east across Mill Street at the old SFTCo mill site and yards. The buildings occupy the old wye
and interchange tracks between the SP and the SFTCo. (5/30/07)
Looking east along the old grade from Mill Street. One track started off to the right, as you can see the
switch bar and long rail plates. To the left several other tracks take off. (5/30/07)
Here you can see the ties still in place on the south side of the track where that
siding took off. (5/30/07)
Mill Spur:
Mill Area:
Woods Lines:
These two shots are looking west at the Highway 214 crossing. Notice the concrete block in
the first one where the crossing arm once stood. In the second, you can see the crossing
arm on the west side of the highway.(12/29/08)
This is looking east from the Highway 214 crossing. The south leg of the original wye would have been
where the building in the right hand part of the photo is.(12/29/08)
Looking west across the 2nd Street crossing. Note Highway 214 in the far background. Also, the south
leg of the wye would have taken off to the left in the parking lot.(12/29/08)
Looking east along the tracks from 2nd Street. Sadly, in 2010 this line was removed for scrap.(12/29/08)
Looking west about three quarters of the way between 2nd Street and Mill Street.(12/29/08)
Looking east along the grade about three quarters of the way to Mill Street from 2nd Street. Notice the
Silver Towne II Apartments on the right.(12/29/08)
Looking west from the switch on the west side of Mill Street.(12/29/08)
Looking east along the grade. Those are two tracks crossing Mill Street. There was another
track taking off in the back of the picture to the right. There is nothing of this one but
striations, as shown in a few pictures.(12/29/08)
Here is the switch for the two tracks crossing Mill Street, on the east side of the street.(12/29/08)
Looking west from mill street are the two tracks coming together with the switch.(12/29/08)
This concrete box was probably for the crossing arms that used to guard the Mill Street
Here's another shot of the cross bar.(12/29/08)
Here you can see the striations and the long ties of the siding that took off just east of the Mill Street
Here is the rail change of the switch just east of the Mill Street crossing. Obviously the switch was removed
and the track was left in place without being rejoined together.(12/29/08)
Looking west towards Mill Street near the blackberries at the end of the current track. The switch for the
siding that is the raised section of grass on the left is in the far background just before the
Looking at the warehouse and loading dock that occupies the old mill site. Even though the dock looks
like it was built for rail cars, it hasn't seen any for a long time, nor is there any track left of this spur in the
fenced area.(12/29/08)
Looking east along the grade. The spur on the east side of Mill Street is on the right, the loading dock is
on the left. The tracks continued into the blackberries in the background, but I really didn't feel like
following them.(12/29/08)
Here you can see a swan enjoying the old mill pond, currently called Webb Lake.(12/29/08)
The mill area itself was turned into the warehouse area described above. The old mill pond and area immediately
adjacent to it was stripped of the blackberries, graded, and replanted with pine as a nature trail for the housing
development being built on the northeast and east side of the lake. This housing development was like so many at the
time that took advantage of old mill areas to build houses during the big housing boom before 2008. When I visited the
site, the housing bubble had burst, there were scattered completed homes, and some that were in the middle of being
built. It looked like one day the workers walked away and didn't come back. I seriously doubt that the people occupying
these homes could possibly dream that the lake they like to walk by used to have train loads of logs dumping into it
This brake shoe was found on the south side of the pond where the dumping track was located.(12/29/08)
These old logs still exist in the pond, along with others below the surface. These were
located on the south side of the pond.(12/29/08)
This concrete foundation is the only piece of the mill left. Judging by its location I would
guess it to be from the power house. This is looking southeast from the pond.(12/29/08)
I do not know what this structure was for, but it was located on the
east side of the pond. Note the ceramic tile in the last picture with
the dirt up against it.(12/29/08)
This concrete block south of the mill pond might have been left in place, but I'm not entirely certain about
This piece of concrete lies about where the log dump was on the south side of the pond. Note that it's
lying in equipment tracks as described above.(12/29/08)
A piece of cable also lying near the old log dump on the south side of the pond.(12/29/08)
A step of some sort laying in the ground on the south side of the pond in the first picture. As shown below, there was all
kinds of stuff littering the east and south sides of the pond ranging from metal to concrete to brick.(12/29/08)
A pump lying on the northeast end of the pond.(12/29/08)
A strand of cable on the north side of the lake, towards the east end.(12/29/08)
Here is another log floating on the north side of the pond. From what I could see, there are logs
through out the pond.(12/29/08)
I don't know exactly what this pile of concrete is for, but it was lying on the northeast end of the