Stalter Mine
Created 11/11/07
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From what I can find on this mine, it operated from  the early teens through at least the forties. More than likely, it
operated even before this. Altogether, there were about 3,900 feet of adit development. The mine was located just
south of Sunrise Butte and has also been known as the Heppner Mine. Today, thanks to the local Forest Service
doing what they know how to do best, this entire site has been obliterated to make a parking area for the trailhead to
Sunrise Butte. If you look carefully below the parking area, you can still find the remains of an adit. Just look for the
hole that keeps going into the ground. You can also find some interesting quartz samples lying about on around the
parking area. According to the map that I had there was supposed to be a cabin up above the adit. However, the
thickness of the new trees and brush, and the tick problems this year kept me from looking for it. I am sure though that
it has been destroyed as well.
Here is the gate marking the trail to Sunrise Butte, and Sunrise Butte in the background. (5/27/07)
This is all that you will find if you're looking for the Stalter Mine. This is the parking area that was created
by destroying the mine site. Looking just below the parking area will reveal the entrance to an adit, to the
trained eye. (5/27/07)
What to do when you arrive at an old mine site only to find that it has been bulldozed? Vent your
frustration. The pop bottles did not fare too well. (5/27/07)