Vesuvius Mine
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Created 2/8/06
The Vesuvius Mine is located in the Bohemia Mining District. The vein of gold for this mine was discovered in 1895.
From that time until 1923, production and mining boomed here. After that, activity at this mine began to dwindle. All
told, the mine had 10 adits totaling 6000ft of tunnels within Bohemia Mountain. There were at one time several
buildings on the mine site, including a five-stamp mill which was used to process the ore. Today, there is little left at the
mine site. All of the buildings are gone. The only things left exist at the main adit. Here the rails and ties still remain in
place coming out of the still standing mine entrance. In the tailings pile are the remains of the piling that used to carry
the mine carts to dump off of. The other adits are difficult to locate due to the weak nature of the soil on the hillside and
the large volume of brush.  There are no adits open at present, nor are there any visible remains at these other adits.
This old miners shack marks the road to the Vesuvius Mine. It stands on the road from Mineral to
Bohemia at the junction of a gated road coming in from the south Unfortunately, there has been some
vandalism that has occurred here. (6/17/01)
Here is the backside of the old cabin marking the road to the Vesuvius Mine (6/17/01)
This rail was found on the road to the Vesuvius Mine. It's location close to the main road, and the fact
that no collapsed adits nearby could be found, suggests that it was dropped here during scrapping
operations. (6/17/01)
Here is another shot of the rail. (6/17/01)
Here is my friend Ben inside of the entrance to the Vesuvius' main adit. There are actually rails and ties
in place where he is standing. You can see the collapsed adit behind him. The material on the hillside is
very unstable and it is easy to believe that there were probably several collapses in its life. (6/17/01)
"Gold & Silver In Oregon" by State Of Oregon Department Of Geology And Mineral Industries.