Tidewater T.Co. 1922-1942
Western Cooperage Co. 1910-1922
Created 3/20/11
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Headquarters Camp:
Although Tidewater ended it's logging operations in 1941 and scrapped most of its equipment, the machine shop at
headquarters camp, as well as the mainline, was kept open to service another logging outfit so that it could finish its
This barrel was found beside the highway in the northwestern part of the camp. If I understand Ronald
Hubbard's map correctly, it would be about where the Jacobson's house was.(3/04/11)
These pieces of metal, mostly old brake
shoes, were found out back of the
machine shop, or just east of it.(3/04/11)
These pictures show the bed frames(last 3) and bottles with an
unknown metal object(1st one) at the site of the southeastern
bunkhouses behind the machine shop.(3/04/11)
Although difficult to see, there are impressions of logs for a building shown in the ground. It is unknown
exactly what it was, but it is in the same area as above.(3/04/11)
My friend Brian McCamish holding a section of rail in the same vicinity as the ones above.(3/04/11)
These pictures show a couple of pieces of rail that were at the
northeastern end of the camp. According to Hubbard's map in
Sam Churchill's books, this would have been the company office,
oil bunker,and a bunkhouse. On the map there is no rail line
shown, but this spot is in a nice throughcut with rail, and striations
showing on the ground from ties.(3/04/11)
Here is a bolt in the grass from the structure of the machine shop.(3/04/11)
Water pipe for the bunkhouses in the southeastern section of the camp.(3/04/11)
These photos show the overall very large dump that was behind the
cookhouse. There were two main piles with the bucket between the two. The
broken china plate was out a little bit more to  the east with more broken pieces
of china. This dump has been gone through several times in its history.(3/04/11)
The pictures below show a spot just as you enter the camp, where 4 rails were piled, which have slid down into the
creek with the erosion of the bank. Just the way that they are laying here is indicative of being stacked instead of
discarded. The two and a half brake shoes that were there I'm sure came off of trains as they were going by.(3/04/11)
These two photos show ties striations along the siding at the machine shop. The first one is
about the same spot where the metal above was found. The second one is just to the east of
this before the southeastern bunkhouses.(3/04/11)
Part of the structure of the old machine shop, along with a couple of old brake
My friend Brian McCamish along with a pile of brake
shoes and one brake shoe holder. This would have
been inside of the machine shop.(3/04/11)
These two kettles were found just to the south southwest of the cookhouse.(3/04/11)
Piles of brick near where the repair shop would have been.(3/04/1)
This old log stringer bridge marks the spot where the machine shop/repair shed began, and
about where Ziak's house was.(3/04/11)
These two brake shoes were found in the vicinity of the machine shop.(3/04/11)