Western Oregon Railway
Created 6/17/07
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This image is of an old Purina Feeds warehouse along the siding that ran on the west side of the old
Independence depot. As you can see from the main track in the foreground, which ran on the east side of
the depot, the siding has just came off of this track and had not turned due south to parallel the main
track yet. The sidewalk now stands where the tracks for this warehouse would have been. Also, from the
height and size of the height of the door, and the color of the building, it is obvious that this was used for
the loading of rail cars. (9/1/98)
Here is another view of the old feed and seed warehouse, looking SE. (9/1/98)
Looking SE from D Street at the old depot site and the interchange with the Independence & Monmouth
Railway. An excellent depiction of this layout exists on page 178 of "The Southern Pacific In Oregon" by
Austin & Dill. What you see here is the west siding going in front of the warehouse and into the fenced off
area where  the trucks are, paralleling the current mainline. Part of this siding exists where the trucks are
and was used by the W&P RR. The old depot would have been between these two tracks, just back from
where the person is standing. The I&M RY would have taken off from just in front of the right most truck,
and turned to the west, just on the other side of and including the dirt pile. (9/1/98)
Here is a picture of the fenced in area of the W&P RR. Note the tracks still in place. This is the remnant of
the western siding in Independence that ran around the depot, at approximately E Street. (9/1/98)
"The Southern Pacific In Oregon" by Ed Austin & Tom Dill
"Stations West, The Story of Oregon Railways" by Edwin Culp