Wray Mine
Created 11/11/07
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This mine dates back to the early teens. Unfortunately, I do not know more than this. It is an interesting mine in that the
trail to the adit starts on the west side of the creek, following it up a ways, crosses on a fill, and the adit is right there on
the east side of the creek. The fill has mostly been washed away by the creek. At present, you can only go in about 40
feet as the adit has completely collapsed at this point. Poking around outside of the adit only reveals some pieces of
quartz and other minerals.
My friend Ammon Poage inside of the Wray Mine. (5/27/07)
My friend Anthony Gates and the  inside of the Wray Mine. The collapse is just a little behind him.
My friend Keith Irwin at the entrance of the Wray Mine. (5/27/07)
My friend Ryan Noffsinger at the entrance of the Wray Mine. (5/27/07)