August Mine
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Created 4/7/06
There are three adits to this mine. The road into the site, upon which the cabin also sits, goes to the lower adit. The
other two adits sit up the same draw as the lower one. The top adit sit far up the hill from the lower ones. As a result,
there is a trail from this adit along the hill side to the main road to Greenhorn, USFS 1035 RD, and ends here. It is
possible that it was simpler to take materials from the cabin down the road to the main road, up the 1035 RD, and down
the trail to the top adit. There is also old pipes that go into the draw from both sides. There is also small pits that go
along the hillsides around this mine, and there is quartz everywhere. This mining site today is completely abandoned,
with objects littering the area. It has the feeling that this mine was abandoned within the last decade due to some of the
plastic containers that liter the area around the cabin. Although not listed in any of the literature that I can find, this
mine would definitely be part of the Greenhorn Mining District.
August Cabin Mine
Here is the cabin that sits at the August Mine. There is all kinds of signs of former life laying about such
as cans, and gas cans. (5/30/05)
Here is another shot of the August Mine cabin as it sits on USFS RD 675. (5/30/05)
It is unknown whether this is the collapsed entrance to an unknown adit, or just an old foot bridge that
used to exist across this small draw. (5/30/05)
Unfortunately, I do not know what this piece of metal used to be. It is located across USFS RD 675 from
the cabin. (5/30/05)
Here is the entrance to the lower adit of the mine. (5/30/05)
"August Mine" is clearly inscribed in the cross members that make up the entrance to the mine. (5/30/05)
Looking inside of the lower adit of the August Mine. The rails and ties are still in place. (5/30/05)
These are the rails leading out of the entrance of the mine. These are still in the cut for the entrance.
Past here, the rails disappear beneath the rock of the road, or tailings, that have been spread out in front
of the base of the cut for the entrance. (5/30/05)
Here is one of the rails for the lower adit as it pokes through the road. (5/30/05)
This is the end of the line for the rails coming out of the lower adit. This wooden structure was built to
support and elevate the rails above the ground for dumping the tailings out. (5/30/05)
This is the collapsed middle adit. It sits about fifty feet up the draw from the bottom adit. As you can see,
it has been completely collapsed. (5/30/05)
Here is some of the piping that comes into the draw from either side, from the bottom adit to the top adit.
This is the gentle sloping trail that leads along the hillside from the top adit to the USFS 1035 RD.