Current Logging & Road Construction
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Created 3/27/06
Logging Operations
A Mountain Logger 200 rubber-tired skidder sitting across the road from an old mill site in Clearwater,
WA. (6/16/05)
A Thunderbird TMY 50 yarder in a thinning operation in Washington State forest lands, along the C-3000
Road in Clallam County Washington. (6/25/05)
A Skagit GT3 swing yarder parked between jobs on Rayonier lands in western Clallam County,
Road Construction
Looking down at a backhoe in the hole for a large culvert that replaced two small culverts. This is on the
South Rock Creek Road in the Santiam State Forest in Oregon. Coincidentally, this is the old mainline
of the old Hammond Lumber Company. (8/3/04)
Here, the bed for the culvert is almost ready. The bed consists of crushed rock so that the bottom of the
culvert will not be dented, and lose some of its structural integrity. Also, to the left out of the picture is an
old logging camp of the Curtiss Lumber Company. (8/3/04)
Here is a Cat 325C excavator and a Cat 315C excavator installing a fish passable culvert on the C-2700
Road in Clallam County, WA. (8/30/05)
Here is the same pipe installation project from the side. The compactor on the left side of the pipe is a
small walk behind model. Crushed rock is placed on the sides and compacted to help prevent denting in
the culvert. (8/30/05)
This is what a rock pit looks like before development. Here the overburden layer has been removed
exposing the soil and river rock that lies below. This is in the Sol Duc Valley in Clallam County,
Washington. (9/3/05)
A Thunderbird shovel sorting out the log deck on the G-2500 Road south of Forks.(01/14/08)