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Westfir Lumber Company 1937-1946
Created 3/10/06
AKA Edward Hines Lumber Company 1946-1956
Fallen trestle across 8 Creek, just  before the incline. (7/21/00)
Trestle piling still standing on the south end of the trestle across 8 Creek. (7/21/00)
Here are the remains of the shed that used to house the incline donkey at the top of the main incline.
A close-up of some of the metal in the remains of the incline donkey shed. When I first visited this site
several years ago, there were all kinds of artifacts lying about. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera
with me at the time. As I understand it, the Forest Service has collected these artifacts for preservation.
Here is the beginning of the trestle across upper Eight Creek, as it leaves the road and grade. (2/20/05)
Here is a part of upper Eight Creek trestle that is still standing. (2/20/05)
More of the trestle still standing. (2/20/05)
Still more of the trestle still standing. This trestle was studied by the USFS for trestle construction in the
late 1990's. As a result, it has old painting and ribbons hanging around it from that time when it was
surveyed. (2/20/05)
Still more of upper Eight Creek trestle still standing. The only part of this creek that is still standing lies on
the west side of the creek. (2/20/05)
The last part of the upper Eight Creek trestle still standing on the west bank of upper Eight Creek.
Here are the fallen remnants of the trestle on the eastern side of the creek. Sadly, the trestle was
standing all the way across the creek, with no fallen members, when I visited the site in 2000 and 2001.
Unfortunately, I did not have my camera at the time. (2/20/05)
Here is the only standing part of upper Eight Creek trestle on the east side of the creek, save for a
couple of piling. These bents are right before the grade appears ending the trestle. (2/20/05)
Refuse pile of cans at one of the camps along the grades. I will not mention the exact location of this
camp here because of some of the artifacts that still exist. (2/20/05)
Here is what appears to be an old stove in the middle of another pile of cans at the same camp. (2/20/05)
Here are broken cups from what was once the cookhouse at the same camp. I think that the intact ones
were pulled out of here a long time ago. (2/20/05)
I do not know what this piece of metal is but it too lies at the same camp. (2/20/05)
Here is the writing on the above piece of metal. Perhaps part of another stove, or the same one as
above. (2/20/05)
This old car at the same camp is laying upside down in the middle of the grade that ran through camp.
There is only one grade that ran through this camp. The bunkhouses were on sleds, and not kept on
wheels. (2/20/05)
An old washtub at the same camp. (2/20/05)
"Logging Railroads Of The West" by Kramer Adams
Below you can see the remains of the Hines lumber mill, including a passby of UP freight and the covered bridge into
the mill complex. This complex is slowly being turned into a  park. The old company offices have been cleared by a
dozer and a arkinglot with bathroom facilities have been built in its place. (2/20/05)